Match Day Roar Silenced As Top Flight Football Suspended Until April 4th

Firstly, I pray everyone who reads my blog are safe and well and your families are safe and well.

These are extraordinary times where the world is struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic that is having such a huge impact on how we live our lives.

During these difficult times, we put sport into perspective and take time to prioritise our families and that which is important to us.

I grabbed my camera and drove off to the stadium not sure what I would find or what it would be like. It seemed, as like any other non-match day in the Olympic Park. People and their families were milling around the park, going about their normal lives but there really felt like a calm before the storm.

By that I mean we know the aggressive spread of the virus will continue, impacting our lives and the health of ourselves and those we love.

The match day noise and smell of food, music playing and children playing football all gone and cloak of silence surrounding the ground. I tried to imagine the match day, groups of people drinking and chatting, lining up for food, buying their programmes, voices of children calling and the sense of anticipation rising as fans poured into the stadium itself.

The storm is coming, we don’t know what it will be like or how ling it will last, I just pray that my family are not affected by it and that as a community we can look after each other as best we can.

When football does resume, which is will, there may be some empty seats and it will surely be a sad day that will put sport into perspective.

Published by dawudmarsh

Photographer based in London.

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