West Ham United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 0 24th October 2021

Antonio Goal Seals Another 3 Points for Hammers in London Derby

Hope everyone is safe and well.

Apologies again as I missed the Carabao Cup win against Manchester City mid week as we were away in Brighton for a few days. We needed to get out of London to escape for the half term and breath in some much needed fresh seaside air!

Do we need to get used to winning? For many years it seems we craved the idea of winning regularly and assumed we would, those bubbles flying so high only to fade and die on us time and again as another match we thought we should win slipped through our laces.

But, this season and following on from the last season’s success in achieving Europa League qualification, we have been doing very well thank you very much! Do we have to stop saying ‘This is the sort of game we would have lost’ and start saying “This was another excellent team performance that will give us a successful season”? (Not sure if I have the punctuation right there!)

What does a successful season mean for us? Qualifying for Champions League football next season? We could do that via our league position, winning the Carabao Cup or even winning the Europa League. Those bubbles could, of course, fade and die but isn’t an exciting time to be a Hammer?

The fantastic away win against Villa has cemented us in the Champions League spot – but it is early days. I am planning to do a spotlight on Johnson – especially after his goal against Villa – so pleased he has made an excellent impact on the team – forward runs, some wonderful crosses and passes and solid defensively. Worth a separate post me thinks.

There are so many positives to talk about and given we are on such a high, I have posted more photos than I usually do – well, I’ve missed few games already this season and I’m running late with my photo diary. As a way of saying sorry – some extra images to enjoy.

I bumped into a group of French Hammers and we had a quick chat about the joys of following the team and what a match to come over to London for. We had drama, controversy, excellent whole team performance, a well earned win and another excellent atmosphere! I tell you guys, its tough getting used to the new normal but I’m embracing it. 

Enjoy the photos and be safe everyone.


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Photographer based in London.

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