Through the Lens: Photographs From Hammers History Part 2: Trevor Brooking

Trevor Brooking Scores Only Goal to Seal 1980 FA Cup Final Win Against Arsenal

Sir Trevor Brooking CBE was born on 2nd October 1948 and began his West Ham United career on the 24th July 1965 as a young apprentice, turning down both Chelsea and Spurs. Trevors status is legend within West Ham history and reputation as a gentleman, both on and off the pitch and as an ambassador for football is beyond reproach.

There are a number of photographs of Trevor Brookings goal that sealed the FA Cup against Arsenal, showing the before and after on a hot, sunny 10th May in 1980. But this shot shows the moment the ball crosses the line, Jennings diving late and Trevor surrounded by Arsenal players which shows was a fantastic goal it was. Trevor had to bend down to get at the low shot, he was perfectly positioned as play revolved around the six yard box. Not only has Trevor bent down, he has managed to get the perfect angle to head the ball between defender and keeper. 1-0 and the stadium is rocking!

The build up to the goal came after a slow start to the match, the Hammers gained possession from a free kick after Brady was caught offside. Keeping possession in the 12th minute West Ham’s Devonshire broke down the left wing firing over a cross into the Arsenal 6 yard box. Cross’s shot was blocked by Young but Pearson had a shot at goal. As the ball went across the goal Trevor’s quick reaction left the Arsenal defence stranded and he flicked a header past Jennings in the 13th minute. Trevor’s goal decided the match as the Hammers sealed a famous victory at Wembley, which remains the last time a team from outside the top flight has won the FA Cup Final.

Looking at the replay of the goal its amazing to see the crowd of photographers either side of the goal – there must have been about 30 at least, and a few hands raise up in celebration as the ball hits the back of the net and therefore missing a shot of a lifetime. You can even see some of the photographers switching cameras as Devonshire makes his cross and Jennings gets a hand to ball. In some respects, sport photography is quite different these days. And this is what makes this such a wonderful photo. But given how many photographers there were either side of the net, someone was bound to get a great shot. There is just a split second to get it right.

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2 thoughts on “Through the Lens: Photographs From Hammers History Part 2: Trevor Brooking

  1. Thanks a lot for that, Dawud. I was there that day, although my memory is pretty unclear. I don’t reckon I saw much of the ball going into the goal. and my clearest recollections of the day are of walking down the Wembley Way and then the tackle on Paul Allen late on when he was clean through, which should have led to us winning 2-0. Oh yes, I do remember seeing four or five fans asleep under the stands just before kick-off, much the worse for wear having drunk far too much, poor souls. My memories of Trevor, who I saw play hundreds of times, are clearer, from the slightly ungainly 20-year-old to the tremendous player he became and the “terrific” (his word) club servant in so many ways. What a gent.

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    1. Some wonderful memory there Robert. On that day I played out the final on the small patch of grass in-front of my house. A few mates had brought a ball thrown down their tops for goals and we divided ourselves up in to two teams Hammers v Gunners in a classic final. I remember my mum shouting out from the window that Brooking had scored! I couldn’t watch the match live as I was too nervous! Seen the highlights many times. So wish I had been there as a lad. 🙂


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