Palace End Hammer’s Winning Start with Draw at London Stadium

Hi everyone, I pray you are all safe and well.

I missed the first game of the season due to being in the Highlands in Scotland on holiday. Me and the family climbed Ben Nevis last week and I bumped into another Hammers fan who also missed the first game of the season. Hammers fans are everywhere!

It was an emotional return to the London Stadium as I have not seen my brother for quite some time and it was wonderful to see him again. It was also great to see so many familiar faces and there were a few I did not recognise from the final game before the lockdown last year. As we walked to the stadium the hairs on the back of my neck raised as we heard the crowd singing and immersed ourselves in the bustle before the game. So glad to be back and to feel a sense of excitement about going to see the team play.

One thing I must say is that getting into the ground is tricky with the digital/ printed tickets. I had trouble with my son’s digital ticket and it mean that we were on opposite sides of the turnstiles until the steward at the disabled entrance let me in – another steward suggested I go to the ticket office despite me explaining my 10 year old is on the other side of the turnstile! He wanted me to leave him there. Tensions were high as a lot of upset fans struggled with their tickets – why we couldn’t just use our season ticket cards from before I don’t know but the crowd were getting very agitated as the start of the match was fast approaching and so many people were still not inside the ground.

Another thing I noticed was when Palace equalised each time the crowd sang and shouted encouragement to the players. Excellent and it helped to create a great atmosphere.

Hope you enjoy the photos from our recent draw against Crystal Palace at London Stadium even though the result was not what we had expected.

Take care everyone.


Published by dawudmarsh

Photographer based in London.

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